Florida College System EDI Initiatives
WJXX 2/2/2023 5:05:14 AM: ... All 28 Florida Colleges that are part of the state's council of presidents including FSCJ and St. John's River State College agreed to end diversity equity and inclusion initiatives by this Wednesday.The Florida College System presidents write in a statement quote some initiatives and instruction in higher education under the same title have come to mean and accomplish the very opposite and seek to push ideology such as critical race theory and its related tenets. It echoes conservative activist Christopher Rufo, who the governor appointed to the New College of Florida's board of trustees that manipulates you into feeling that this is a good thing while under the surface it's something quite different ultimately the people are going to who are going to be hurt by this action is the students themselves. We reached out to the governor's office to ask what studies or surveys or evidence they're basing their decision off of and we have not heard back yet (WJXX) but will update you if we do.