2023 Statewide Officer Candidates

All offices are running unopposed.  No vote is required for an election to office.

PRESIDENT-ELECT - (1 Candidate):

Matt Wetzel
Campus Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Florida State College at Jacksonville

Outside Dual Enrollment, I am involved with numerous college-wide and state-wide initiatives where I have assisted or led the organization of service-learning projects and/or workshops. Notably, the Career Employees’ Council (CEC) Chair for two years and a second stint that started in July of 2021, (2013-2015 and 2021-2022) serving as the liaison between FSCJ’s career employees and the College’s leadership. I also served as the Association of Florida Colleges’ (AFC) FSCJ Chapter President (2015-2018), Career and Professional Employees Commission Chair (2017), and Region II Director (2019). As a member of the AFC, I have attended and/or hosted numerous conferences, chapter and/or regional activities throughout my last seven-plus years of membership with the association. 

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Open- Due to Unforeseen Circumstances This Office Has Been Reopened to Accept Candidates

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Steven Crudup
Assistant Dean, Post Secondary Adult Vocational & Workforce Programs at Hillsborough Community College

Steven Crudup is currently the Assistant Dean for Post-Secondary Adult Vocational and Workforce
Programs at Hillsborough Community College and Chair of the Workforce, Adult & Continuing Education
Commission for the Association of Florida Colleges.

In 2020, Steve transitioned to his current role as Assistant Dean in a newly created position, where he
credits his involvement in WACE with helping him feel more confident and competent in his day-to-day
job. From simply attending his first WACE Conference online, he was hooked. He saw the benefit of
sharing and networking with colleagues from around to state, as well as supporting one another through
the pandemic. The opportunities to spend some time periodically with peers not only helped but also
motivated him to look at what he and his programs were doing and try some new approaches. This led
him to seek the Chair-Elect role in 2021, then the eventual Chair position for WACE Commission in 2022.
As Vice President-Elect for Commissions, Steve’s goals are to establish a network among the Chairs,
provide them the support needed, as well as ensure all provide consistent opportunities for professional
development for their constituency groups. He also encourages partnerships and collaboration
whenever possible to help maximize opportunities.