AFC Leadership Summit

Leadership Summit provides workshops designed to assist elected chapters, regions, commissions, and committee leaders in understanding the roles and responsibilities of their position.  It also serves as an opportunity to gain awareness of and develop your leadership skills and style as a professional in the Florida College System.

Why you should attend the AFC 2024 Leadership Summit:

  • This is your opportunity to help shape the 2024 Goals for your Chapter, Region, and Commission. The Conference content will detail specific areas in which you and other conference attendees will benefit as leaders in both the AFC and the Florida College System. Through interactive and deliberate conversations, you will gain the opportunity to position yourself as a college and AFC leader by sharing your ideas, learning best practices, and developing leadership skills and strategies. 
  • The Theme for the year: “Be Active, Keep Moving, & Transform Your Mind!” will be active in pursuing your goals, keep moving forward even when faced with obstacles, and transform your mind to unlock your full potential and you will gain a renewed sense of common purpose to make a difference while leading others as we set association goals for the year. 

  • By convening leaders from across the state, our Leadership Conference helps drive the Association forward. 
  • An essential component of leadership is professional development. The Leadership Conference will enhance your knowledge and the leadership skills you need to develop to assist others at your college.
    • You will be more effective as a leader, manager, and influencer of others.
    • You will gain a greater appreciation of the impact of your service to your college, your community, and the AFC.
    • You will engage with your peers from around the state and increase your professional network.
    • Everything you learn will benefit you both personally and professionally.

Join us as we discuss leadership best practices, new ideas, and leadership in the AFC. You will not want to miss this key professional development opportunity!

For more information (agenda and registration):

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