Greetings from the Association of Florida Colleges!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. As the 2018 AFC President, it is an honor and my privilege to greet you on behalf of our 7,000 members. Our association’s mission is to actively promote, represent, and support members and institutions as they provide their students and the citizens of Florida with a world-class college system. The Florida College System is number #1 in the nation for higher education in part because of the amazing members across our colleges who work hard daily to impart excellence in Education.

Excellence is who we are as an association, therefore in the spirit of this year’s AFC’s theme “Navigating the Future: Mission Possible”, we will continue to build upon the mission by launching an advocacy campaign and strengthening partnerships between the membership within the Florida college system councils, 28 college chapters, 5 regions, and 14 commissions. We will also mobilize a membership recruitment plan to increase membership by at least 10%, expand our high quality professional development opportunities, and promote membership engagement across the state. We will work within our local communities by providing programs of interest on behalf of our membership. If you are not a member already, I encourage you to become a part of this exciting organization.

With the aforementioned in mind, I believe that if we navigate the future together, we can continue to make our association goals: MISSION POSSIBLE. I look forward to an exciting year serving the “Great 28” as we work to continue to advocate on behalf of our system and navigate the future. AFC, together, We Can Make It Happen!

Thank you in advance for your assistance and support.
Best regards,

Dr. Tunjarnika L. Coleman-Ferrell, MPA, Ed.S., Ed.D.



AFC Past Presidents

2017 - Dr. Robert Flores

2016 - Mrs. Juanita Scott

2015 - Dr. Dan Rodkin

2014 - Mr. Peter Usinger

2013 - Mr. Byron Todd

2012 - Dr. Gary Sligh

2011 - Mrs. Evelyn Ward

FACC Past Presidents

2010 - Dr. Martha Williams

2009 - Dr. Will Benedicks

2008 - Mrs. Carol Quinn

2007 - Dr. Jeff Allbritten

2006 - Mrs. Sandra Harrell

2005 - Mr. Jeff Peters

2004 - Mr. Paul Szuch

2003 - Mrs. Pat Ayers

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