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Virtual 72nd Annual Meeting and Conference


Make plans to join us virtually November 16 – 19, 2021, for the 72nd Annual Meeting and Conference. This year’s Annual Meeting and Conference will include informative workshops, fun, and interactive networking opportunities, exemplary practice presentations, a virtual tradeshow and our annual recognition and awards event.  

Happy 30th Anniversary to the AFC Foundation!


Greetings, AFC Members!


I’ve made my AFC Foundation 30-for-30 donation, have you? As a recipient of hurricane funds after the 2018 Hurricane Michael disaster, I was honored to have the opportunity to give back to the Foundation.


As your AFC Past-President and now AFC Foundation Board Member, I urge you to consider donating to our AFC Foundation’s 30th-anniversary fundraising campaign. Every donation helps. We have a $30, $300, and $500 level, or you can choose to custom  donate any amount. For a minimum $30 donation, you will receive a commemorative 30th- Anniversary Coin!

The Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) Foundation, Inc. is a 501c(3) charitable corporation formed on June 4, 1991. The AFC Foundation provides charitable and educational financial support to the Association of Florida Colleges, its members, and institutions.


Over the past four years, the AFC  Foundation has given out close to $17,000 in hurricane relief funds to our AFC members who suffered damage from hurricanes. In addition, it has provided $22,000 in professional development scholarships to our members over the past eight years.  In 2017, the AFC Foundation purchased the building which houses the AFC State office in Tallahassee.

Donation Levels:


Silver Level - Donation of $30  
      -Receives a coin
Gold Level - Donation of $300
      -Receives coin
      -Name on Gold Donor plaque in the AFC building
Platinum Level - Donation of $500
      -Receives coin
      -Name and Photo on Platinum Donor plaque in the AFC building
      -A spotlight in the AFC Newsletter ~ CURRENT


Matthew White

AFC Past-President and AFC Foundation Board Member

Chipola College  



Helpful Tips to Build Resilience and Manage Job Stress

  • Increase your sense of control by developing a consistent daily routine when possible — ideally, one that is similar to your schedule before the pandemic
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule
  • Take breaks from work to stretch, exercise, or check in with your supportive colleagues, coworkers, family, and friends
  • Spend time outdoors, either being physically active or relaxing
  • If you work from home, set a regular time to end your work for the day, if possible
  • Practice mindfulness techniques: like mediate (to connect), contemplate (to question), and act skillfully (to align)
  • Do things you enjoy during non-work hours

To read more tips from Laura McClellan click here:



Thursday, August 26, 2021, 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM EDT


Description: This 90-minute retirement planning workshop provides an overview of the FRS and helps you understand the nuts and bolts of planning for your retirement. The workshop will demonstrate how everyday living expenses and inflation dramatically reduce your fixed retirement income. You will see the role the FRS Retirement Plans play in meeting your financial goals as well as the income gap that must be made up through saving and investing. You will leave the workshop with a full understanding of the ongoing financial planning resources available to you as a member of the FRS.



You must register in advance for this meeting by clicking on this link:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Thursday, August 26, 2021, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT


Description: This 90-minute workshop focuses on discussing practical issues important for those nearing retirement. Topics include setting retirement goals, including income needs, and understanding your sources of retirement income, including FRS plans and Social Security. We'll look at distribution options for various plans and explore how to create an annual income stream in retirement that can last your lifetime. The workshop will explain taxation, required minimum distributions and the potential order for withdrawals. Throughout the workshop, we'll highlight the many resources available to you as an FRS employee.



You must register in advance for this meeting by clicking on this link:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.



Ethics Workshop

In our ongoing commitment to deliver fresh, relevant, and invigorating professional development to you, the next session of the Association of Florida Colleges’  Professional Development Series ~ Access AFC is “Ethics.” Our leadership growth never ends, and as leaders, we need to be comfortable having difficult conversations. GET READY to gather crucial key skills to help you flex your ethical muscles.  This webinar is open to members and non-members of AFC.  Expect to receive information on how to register and attend in the coming days.  


If you missed any of the series, you can catch-up on our ACCESS-AFC page.  To register for the Ethics webinar click here: ACCESS AFC- Association of Florida Colleges’ Professional Development Series (


Upcoming August Ethics Sessions:


August 9   -Seminole State College - 11:00AM

August 9   -South Florida State College - 2:00PM

August 10 -Palm Beach State College - 10:00AM

August 10 - Florida SouthWestern State College - 11:00AM

August 10 - Chipola College - 2:00PM CST

August 16 - Valencia College - 10:00AM

August 16 - Florida Gateway College - 11:00AM

August 16 - The College of the Florida Keys - 2:00PM

August 17 - St. Petersburg College - 10:00AM

August 17 -Lake-Sumter State College  - 1:00PM

August 17 - Pasco-Hernando State College - 2:00PM

August 23 - Indian River State College - 11:00 AM

August 24 - St. Johns River State College - 10:00 AM

August 31 - Tallahassee Community College - 10:00 AM


The AFC partnered with Alpha UMi Inc. to develop professional development skills training webinars to provide for its Institutional Members throughout the state. Alpha UMi Inc. specializes in innovative training programs to elevate professionalism and leadership through interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and soft skills development.




Five Productivity Tips

1. Write it down – writing down daily tasks creates a commitment.  This keeps your mind free of clutter and negative energy.

2. Tackle your tough task first – we all have things to do that aren’t always pleasant.  Knocking these out first helps to create a sense of accomplishment and it keeps you from feeling so overwhelmed. 


3. Turn off distractions – Block out 30 minutes to an hour to focus on your task and commitments for the day. Silence your cellphone and close your office door and FOCUS. Add an extra 30 minutes just to respond to emails.  


4. Take breaks – Take a 10-minute break to stretch, grab a bottle of water and, breathe.  You will return to your task refreshed and ready.


5. Get some exercise – Do wall push-ups, walk the hall corridor, or walk across campus. Research shows that brief exercise breaks increases productivity. 


For more information on how to cope with job stress and build resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic visit the CDC website by clicking here:


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Association of Florida Colleges


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