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Why Join?

The AFC is the professional association for employees at the 28 Florida College System institutions.  It serves as the advocacy organization on substantive issues of importance to college personnel. Issues such as funding, retirement, continuing contracts, and developmental education are legislative priorities advocated by the AFC Legislative Committee and the AFC Contract lobbyist.

The AFC provides opportunities to network with those who have similar interests or job responsibilities statewide.  It is the place where professionals can turn for professional development, to establish a new network, and find answers to tough questions relating to higher education in the State of Florida. Think of being given the opportunity to not only read and talk about the legislative process, but having the chance to actually impact the results. Consider getting involved in an organization that offers you unlimited ways to be a leader, develop a new skill-set and be recognized by your peers for your efforts.

Benefits of Belonging:

  • Access and discounts to the following:
    • Rental Car Discounts: Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise and Hertz
    • Tuition Discounts: Lynn University and Southern New Hampshire University
    • Discounts and special offers to popular theme parks and entertainment attractions nationwide!
    • Working Advantage: A discount services program offering savings on Broadway tickets, movie tickets, sporting events, hotels and theme parks.
  • Professional Development: Develop and hone skills in leadership, public speaking, advocacy, and interpersonal relationships.

  • Access to information on issues and programs that affect higher education, the state college system, and you.

  • Opportunities to attend workshops and conferences learning new skills and sharing your knowledge with others. Present and showcase your knowledge and best practice ideas at local, regional, and statewide conferences.

  • Opportunities to apply for AFC partnership scholarships and grants to continue your education.

  • Connections with colleagues both at your college and colleges around the state.

  • A voice in issues that affect your college and you as a college employee or retiree. Attend AFC meetings, voice your opinion on issues that impact you, your institution, and your students. Your voice matters!

  • Collaboration in advocacy efforts: You directly benefit from the advocacy strengths of the AFC.

  • Lifelong friendships with others having the same professional interests.

  • Opportunities to give back through local and statewide service projects.


Nine classes of membership are established — Regular, Institutional, Affiliate, Associate, Retiree, Life, Adjunct Faculty/Part-time Employee, Contributing, and Honorary Life.


  1. Regular membership is open to any full time college employee or to any full time employee of the Division of Florida Colleges (DFC).

  2. Institutional membership is open to any Florida College System institution.

  3. Affiliate membership is open to institutions and organizations external to the Florida College System, whose activities are recognized by the Board of Directors as being closely related to the functions and purposes of the colleges. Regular and associate memberships are not a prerequisite for members of affiliated organizations.

  4. Associate membership is open to individuals whose professional or educational activities are closely related to the functions and purposes of the Association and to any individual who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, exhibits interest in supporting the aims and activities of the Association.

  5. Retiree membership is open to any person who has retired from a Florida College System institution or the Division of Florida Colleges.

  6. Life membership is available to regular and retiree members.

  7. Adjunct Faculty or Part-time Employee membership is open to any person who is employed less than full-time in an instructional, administrative or support position at a Florida College System institution or the Division of Florida Colleges.

  8. Contributing membership is conferred automatically for the Chief Executive Officer, Associate Executive Director and any member of a District Board of Trustees whose college holds institutional membership in the Association.

  9. Honorary Life membership is conferred on those persons who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, have made an outstanding contribution to the colleges and/or the Association. Recipients for Honorary Life memberships are recommended by the Awards Committee.


  1. Regular Membership Dues:  The Board of Directors shall establish, and the Assembly of Delegates shall ratify the annual Regular membership dues. Annual dues for Regular members shall be as follows:

    • Full Time Employee $50.00

  2. Associate Membership Dues:  Associate dues shall be $100.00

  3. Institutional Membership Dues:  Institutional dues shall be established by a formula approved by the Council of Presidents, with the respectively calculated college dues amounts ratified annually by the Board of Directors

  4. Affiliate Membership Dues:  Affiliate membership dues shall be established by the Board of Directors. To apply for membership, please visit the Affiliate Membership Page or contact the AFC State Office

  5. Contributing Membership Dues:  In recognition of their service to Florida’s colleges, there shall be no dues charged to persons who are contributing members

  6. Retiree Membership Dues:  Annual dues for retired members shall be $10 per year

  7. Life Membership Dues:  Dues for full-time individual members desiring Life Membership shall be equivalent to ten (10) times the current individual annual dues remitted to the Association prior to June 30.  Dues for retired members desiring Life Membership shall be equivalent to five (5) times the current retiree annual dues established by the Association prior to June 30.

  8. Honorary Life Membership Dues:  Honorary Life members shall be exempt from paying dues

  9. Adjunct Faculty and Part-time Employee Membership Dues:  Annual dues for adjunct faculty and part-time employees shall be $25 per year

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