Renew Your AFC Membership

Thank you for choosing to renew your AFC membership. Please click on the appropriate member type link below.


Renewing your membership in AFC is easy! You can renew online or use our paper application. See below for an explanation of our member types and choose the one that fits you you best!



Member: Pay your dues by Credit Card, Cash, or Check Payment. Your membership will begin on the day you enroll and end one year out. 

Member-Payroll: Pay your dues via monthly deduction from your paycheck. Your membership will begin on the day you enroll and end on June 30th each year. Your membership will renew automatically on July 1 of each year. Payroll deduction is not available for Adjunct, Part-Time, or Retiree Members as of January 1, 2017. Please use the other enrollment form if you are joining as one of these.


Choose a member type below to renew your membership.


Prefer to use a paper application? Please contact our office. 850-222-3222.





I would like to pay my dues via credit card, money order, or paper check: Member Renewal - Credit Card, Money Order, Paper Check


I would like to pay my dues via online check: Member Renewal - Online Check Only


I would like to pay my dues via monthly deductions from my paycheck: Member-Payroll Renewal

**  If choosing payroll deduction, please make a copy of your invoice and complete the payroll deduction section at the bottom, then follow these steps:

  1. Send original invoice to your Payroll Department for final processing
  2. Fax or Email a copy to the AFC State Office at (850) 222-2327 or [email protected]. Please indicate that you have sent the original to your Payroll Department
  3. Send a copy to your Chapter President or Membership Chair. Please let them know that you have completed steps one and two or let them know if they will need to do steps one and two for you. You can find the names of your Chapter Leadership here.