Next Level Leadership Program

The Next Level Leadership Program (NLLP) is designed to provide next-level leadership principles that community college professionals can put into practice on a day-to-day basis. It builds upon what graduates of the Florida College Professional Certificate (FCPC) learned and is applicable for those who have a formal “title” and team, AND those who do not.  Through this course, participants will learn about themselves while learning how to be a better leader and person of influence with others at work. Regardless of what formal title they may or may not hold, this program will assist them in excelling in their current role or another position in the future position. The NLLP will provide participants the opportunity to use, grow and refine their leadership skills as they move from theory to real-world application.

Participants will be part of a cohort who will go through the virtual program together and complete a capstone project. The program will afford participants with a network of peers throughout the Florida College System, and the tools to take their leadership skills to the Next Level.


  • Meetings: 12 -13 Small Group Sessions (75 to 90 mins)
  • Community: Private Facebook Group
  • Support: Direct Connect Text Messaging with facilitator Brian Hilliard and a 30-minute private coaching session

Investment: $399 per person


What Makes This Program Different?

  • All about Integration and Implementation: This course encourages participants to implement and utilize what they know and learn, and ultimately shape that into a different way of being and relating to others professionally. Participants will be asked at the end of each session, “What am I going to do differently TODAY as a result of this session?”
  • Guest Speakers + Interview Style Approach: As a participant, you won’t be listening to speakers give “boilerplate” presentations. Instead, we will dive deep into interviews and you will be able to submit the questions that YOU want to be addressed.
  • Relationship Development w/Other College Leaders: This program sets a framework where participants can learn and develop a relationship with other influential college leaders, and it is designed to assist in your professional journey along your career path.


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