Promotes quality leadership and professional service and seeks solutions on matters relating to faculty.


The Faculty Commission strives to maintain and promote the standards and ideals of the profession. The Commission provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and as well as the discussion of academic and professional issues among faculty around the state.  Commission members provide leadership within the 28 institutions as well as working with the Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) to promote legislative awareness in areas of particular concern to faculty.


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Chair: Jean Scheppers, College of Central Florida, eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 352-299-5146

Chair-Elect: Tracy Ciucci, Palm Beach State College; eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 561-868-3439

Vice Chair: Lori Bufka, College of Central Florida, eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 909-747-7331

Secretary/Social Media: Gladys Wills, Miami Dade College; eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 786-209-7291

Treasurer: Min Lu, College of Central Florida, eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 352-873-5800 x. 1394

Immediate Past Chair: Dr. Kimberlie Massnick, Indian River State College, eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 772-462-7966

Region Representatives:

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Region II: 

Region III: 

Region IV: 

Region V: 


Recognizing the need to establish procedures and guidelines as they reflect the rights, responsibilities, and objectives of its membership, the Faculty Commission hereby adopts these Bylaws:  Under review by the 2017 Bylaw Committee.



AMEE MEHTA, Seminole State

Mehta is a professor of biological sciences at the College and has been a part of the Seminole State faculty for 12 years. During this time, she has earned two of the College’s most prestigious awards: the Ken Sylvester Faculty Excellence Award in 2014 and one of four Endowed Teaching Chair Awards in 2018. 

Mehta credits her award to the help she received from colleagues and students who gave feedback and guidance regarding her presentation. “I am really thankful to everyone. I am proud of us, and it was an honor to represent our College at the Association of Florida Colleges conference,” Mehta said. 

For the full press release click HERE


Faculty Board Report - April 2018 


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Vivian M. Dellinger Award

1998    Vivian M. Dellinger (posthumously)
1999    Jack Motta (Santa Fe Community College)
2000    Irene Lipof (Miami Dade Community College)
2001    Rhonda Allison (Tallahassee Community College)
2002    James Lansing (Broward Community College)
2003    Not Awarded
2004    Jane Howard (Indian River Community College)
2005    Not Awarded
2006    Beverly Grundset (St. Petersburg College)
2007    Will Benedicks (Tallahassee Community College)
2008    Dr. Ana Ciereszko (Miami Dade College)
2009    Byron Todd (Tallahassee Community College)
2010    Margie Robertson (State College of Florida - Manatee~Sarasota)
2011    Not Awarded
2012    Not Awarded
2013    Xiao Wang (Broward College)
2014    Not Awarded
2015    Not Awarded
2016    Not Awarded

Professor of the Year

2019    Amee Mehta (Seminole State)
2018    Brenda Skoczelas (Lake-Sumter State College)
2017    Amber Karlins (Lake-Sumter State College)
2016    Angel Rodriquez (Broward College)
2015    John Gardner (Chipola College)
2014    Barry Silber, (Hillsborough Community College)
2013    Thom Kieft (Lake-Sumter State College)
2012    Jerry Shawver (Florida State College at Jacksonville)
2011    Gerald Johnston (Santa Fe College)
2010    James May (Valencia College)
2009    Sybil Brown (Lake-Sumter State College)
2008    Susan Taylor (North Florida Community College)


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