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The mission of the Learning Resources Commission is to represent the interests Learning Resources personnel.

Welcome to the Learning Resources Commission from your Chair

John M. Richardson said: When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.  I would like you to join the Learning Resources and make it happen.  My appreciation for LRC started when I was a student worker at the UF Library.  After my BA in Psychology, I continued to work as an acquisitions/cataloguing specialist.  All these experiences made me want to learn more about the Library field, so I went to library school.  I got my first job as a faculty librarian at DBCC (now DSC) where I had and still have several opportunities to grow in my professional and leadership goals. I went from Head of Technical Services to Chair of Library Services.  My experiences at DSC gave me the confidence to serve as an enthusiastic member or chair of countless committees. I was elected Director and FLA President.  I was also elected AFC Vice President for Regions and Chapters.

The Learning Resources Commission is a diverse and passionate commission: we serve librarians, library staff, student support staff, tutors, writing centers, math labs, and many more people who work with students to help them succeed across the great 28 colleges. What we all share is a passion for student success, and we share what works through our Exemplary Practices, Virtual Conference, and partnerships with our AFC Regions and Chapters.

I urge you to get involved: Join our Facebook page! Submit an Exemplary Practice in 2020! Attend our sessions at AFC Annual, and make sure you join us for our Virtual Conference in Spring 2020! Looking for a chance to develop your leadership skills? Join our officers. Like anything else, I’ve found the more energy and effort I put into the Learning Resources Commission, the more I get out of it. May you find exactly the amount of involvement that feeds your needs.

I wish you the best with a warm welcome! 

Mercedes Clement
LRC Chair, 2020
Chair, Library Services, Daytona State College


The purpose of the Learning Resources Commission is to represent the interests of Learning Resources personnel and those they serve throughout the Florida College System, and to promote participation and professional development opportunities relating to all aspects of learning resources. 

Commission Resources

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  3. Bylaws, Minutes, and Operational Plan
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Chair: Mercedes Clement, Daytona State College, eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 386-506-3440

Chair - Elect: Alexis Carlson, Indian River State College; eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 772-462-7194

Secretary/Treasurer: Brett Williams, Indian River State College, eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 772-336-6383

Immediate Past Chair: 
Claire A. Miller, South Florida State College, eMail: [email protected]; Phone: 863-784-7305

Historian: Lena Phelps, South Florida State College, eMail: [email protected], Phone: 863-784-7303


  • Learning Resources Commission's yearly Virtual Conference will be on Friday, February 21, 2020 . Please save the date!
  • To present, please submit the exemplary practice nomination form located HERE. The deadline for applications is January 31, 2020.
  • This conference is free and open to both the public and AFC members. It is hosted online through Blackboard Connect.
  • Not sure what constitutes an exemplary practice? Click HERE.


Recognizing the need to establish procedures and guidelines as they reflect the rights, responsibilities, and objectives of its membership, the Learning Resources Commission hereby adopts these Bylaws and Standing Rules:

Bylaws (Updated 11-11-2018)
(Updated 11-01-2017)


Executive Board Meeting Minutes

April 27, 2018
January 16, 2018
November 1, 2017
May 11, 2016
December 17, 2015
November 11, 2015
September 30, 2015
June 17, 2015
May 14, 2015
March 24, 2015
January 20, 2015

Commission Reports to the Board

May 10, 2019
April 15, 2019

October 23, 2018
September 1, 2018
June 20, 2018
March 20, 2018
January 19, 2018

October 2017
September 2017
June 28, 2017
January 25, 2017

April 7, 2016
January 27, 2016

September 22, 2015
May 13, 2015
January 29, 2015


AFC has a mission statement, value statement and goals. Each organizational unit (chapter, commission, region, committee) in turn has its own operational plan that aligns with the goals and objectives of the organization as a whole. Click below for the Learning Resources Commission's operational plan by year.

2018 - 2019
2017 - 2018


2019 Learning Resources Commission Exemplary Practice Winners!

Learning Resources - Making Connections
Nora Morales, Associate Director of Learning Resources
Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus

IRSC and the Digital Archive: Digitizing Local History
Mia Tignor, Emerging Technologies Librarian/Assistant Professor
Indian River State College

The Learning Resources Commission is excited to announce the Winners of the 2018 Learning Resources Exemplary Practices!

  • Winner of the 2018 Learning Resources Commission Exemplary Practice for Learning Service Support:

Creating a Culture of CARE (Continuous Assessment and Responsive Engagement) at Valencia State College, presented by Leonard Bass
See the presentation HERE.

  • Winner of the 2018 Learning Resources Commission Exemplary Practice for Library Services:

The Human Library, presented by Nardia Cumberbatch, Jeannie Rodriquez, and Regina Seguin at Valencia College West Campus. 
See the presentation HERE.

A special thank you to all of our judges and to Beryl White-Bing, LRC Vice Chair, for organizing and collating the judging results.


2017 Library Services:

Jeff Liang, Sabrina Dyck, Jamie Smith, and Alicia Casey, Tallahassee Community College: Collaborative Critical Thinking Initiative: Preparing Students to Think Better

2017: Learning Support Services:

Jennifer Diptee, Miami Dade College: 
Tutor Training & Individualized Professional Development

Pictured from left to right is Alex Hernandez (MDC), Claire Miller, Sabrina Dyck (TCC), & Dr. Jeff Liang (TCC).

Library Services

2016 AFC Learning Resources Library Services Winner
(Juanita Scott, Kenda Auberry, Claire Miller, Michael Brawer)

Claire Miller, Librarian, South Florida State College: Slaying the Monster: Implementing Integrated and Stand-Alone Plagiarism Workshops

Our college, like many others, had a plagiarism problem. But maybe  out students didn't know how to avoid it. Miller designed and delivered a stand alone workshop specifically targeting plagiarism. Preliminary results show a drop in plagiarism rates among students who took the workshop, and the faculty LOVE it. See preliminary results and learn how to slay your own dragons of plagiarism!

2016: Learning Support Services

2016 AFC Learning Resources Learning Support Services Winner
 (Juanita Scott, Montez Bates, Kendra Auberry, Amanda Forth, Michael Brawer)

Montez Bates, Manager, Learning Support Services & Amanda Forth, Tutorial Center Support Specialist, Valencia College, West Campus: Don't Cancel That Class!

The Valencia College, West Campus offers the program “Don’t Cancel That Class!” to professors who have to attend conferences, meetings or attend to personal matters and have no other option but to cancel a class during the semester. This program is offered through the Learning Support’s Tutoring and Writing Centers, the library and other departments. The support center offers 4 different packages based on the professor’s needs, but are willing to accommodate if notified ahead of time. The first package, “Test Anxiety and How to Deal With It” offers students different techniques to decrease stress when taking tests. The second package, “Sustainability” provides an overview of global environmental, social, and economic challenges and recommend immediate behavioral change actions that individuals can implement to embody the change that is needed. The third package, “Library Scavenger Hunt” is utilized in emergency situations and is a self-guided tour through the library covering 10 different resources offered by the library. Lastly, “The Learning Resource Tour” is a tailorable option for professors to who would like their students to experience the Writing or Tutoring Centers.

2015: Library Services

Alexis Carlson, Librarian/Assistant Professor, Indian River State College: Optimizing LibGuide Content

2015: Learning Support Services

Diane Holmes-Curtice, Senior Learning Specialist; Dana Davidson, Senior Learning Specialist; Elizabeth Barnes, Faculty, Daytona State College: The English Studio: a Collaborative Effort to Ensure Student Success

2014: Library Services

Gulf Coast State College Librarians: Assignment Calculator

2014: Learning Support Services

Stacey Brown, Florida SouthWestern State College: "Mental Health Awareness lectures/workshops"

2013: Library Services

Chipola College: "Why is Amelia Bedelia in a College Library?" (presented by Renee Scott Hopkins)

2013: Learning Support Services

Daytona State College: "Math Up: Gateway to Success" (presented by Theresa Greenbaum, Rachel Wendt, Michele Pelham, and Brandi Horn)

2012: Library Services

Santa Fe College: "Library Research Award" (presented by Diana Matthews)

2011: Library Services

State College of Florida Sarasota-Manatee Libraries: "Just In Time: Student & User Support Services" (presented by Rhonda Kitchens)

2011: Learning Support Services

Daytona State College: "Under One Roof: Daytona State College’s Learning Commons" (presented by Patrick Love, Diane Holmes Curtis, and Mercedes Clement)

2010: Library Services

Santa Fe College: "Utilizing Online Class Guides to Enhance Information Literacy Instruction" (presented by Jenna Miller and Diana Matthews)

2010: Learning Support Services

Daytona State College, "Partnership for Success: Faculty Involvement in Academic Support" (presented by Judy Campbell and Bob Balsamo)


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