AFC Greeting to Governor-Elect DeSantis:

“Governor-Elect DeSantis, on behalf of the Florida colleges’ Council of Presidents, I extend a heartfelt congratulations on your election as Florida’s next governor. We know you are committed to the success and advancement of our state and our 28 colleges stand ready to support you. The Florida College System is nationally recognized as the #1 college system in the nation. We know you value our role in the education continuum, and we look forward to working closely with you and your administration.”

Ava Parker, President
Palm Beach State College 
Chair, AFC Council of Presidents


General Advocacy and Legislative Information

Advocacy on behalf of the AFC membership is one of the primary activities of the Association.  The AFC Legislative Committee comprises 18 members all of whom serve as their college's registered lobbyist.  Moreover, the Association's Policy and Advocacy Committee comprises all 28 presidents.  Collectively and in coordination with the Division of Florida Colleges, policy issues are prioritized and advocated under the Association umbrella.  The AFC pays particular attention to matters that could directly impact its individual members and mobilizes the membership through a series of educational meetings and informative publications. Along with advocating for the annual system budget and substantive policy issues, the AFC monitors retirement, employee benefits, and related personnel issues.


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AFC Legislative Information


Upon the conclusion of each legislative session the AFC Legislative Committee prepares an annual summary of legislative bills related to higher education that passed or failed. Each bill and its impact is described. Additionally a comprehensive summary of the Florida College System legislative appropriations is provided.


"Perceptions" is the AFC weekly newsletter published weekly during legislative session. To review the AFC "Perceptions" Weekly Legislative Updates click here.


The AFC Legislative team works year-round in the Florida Legislature to monitor, analyze and lobby issues that impact the Florida College System and all AFC members. Committee members represent the interests of the system-wide issues, as well as the particular interests of their respective colleges.

Each member develops relationships with their college's legislative delegation and works with them both in-district and in Tallahassee to keep them informed and knowledgeable on matters facing our colleges. Each committee is also given "lead issue" assignments annually.  Lead issues are areas of policy that could emerge during any legislative session. 

The lead issue person is responsible for monitor, analyzing, and reporting on that issue to the COP and the Legislative Committee.The AFC Legislative Committee includes college governmental relations liaisons from Florida's state and community colleges.


  1. Matthew Holliday, Florida SouthWestern State College
  2. Michael Brawer, Association of Florida Colleges
  3. Andy Treadwell, Indian River State College
  4. Eired Enid, St. Petersburg College
  5. Mike McKee, Florida Gateway College
  6. Jack Hall, St. Johns River State College
  7. Virginia Haworth, Florida State College at Jacksonville
  8. Rachael Bonlarron, Palm Beach State College
  9. Victoria Hernandez, Miami Dade College 
  10. Lacey Hofmeyer, Broward College
  11. Brian Babb, Daytona State College
  12. Sandy Cessaretti-Ray, Pensacola State College, Chair
  13. Liam McClay, Santa Fe College
  14. Candice Grause, Tallahassee Community College
  15. Brian Thomas, State College of Florida, Manatee~Sarasota
  16. Eric Johnson, Hillsborough Community College
  17. Bill Mullowney, Valencia College
  18. Jessica Kummerle, College of Central Florida

The AFC contracts with lobbyists to work with the Legislative Committee and the Council of Presidents to promote our positions on a variety of issues, and also to provide access to the highest levels of the legislature and the Governor's Office.  This access provides the AFC unprecedented ability to meet with legislative staff and shape policy issues in partnership with them.  Moreover, on very difficult issues the contract lobbyists provide unique access to legislative leadership in the Capitol.

Allyce Heflin, Southern Strategies Group - Association of Florida Colleges


The Legislative Committee covers a myriad of issues.  Policy issues monitored directly on behalf of AFC members include employee benefit areas such as:

  1. Florida Retirement System

  2. Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP)

  3. Sick leave and Annual Leave

  4. Severance

  5. Continuing Contracts and Tenure

  6. Academic Freedom and Speech

Other issues monitored by the committee relate to college "system-wide" policies including but not limited to:

  1. Community College Program Fund

  2. Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO)

  3. Dual Enrollment

  4. Residency

  5. Online learning

  6. Developmental Education

  7. Contracting

  8. General Education

  9. Career Education

  10. College Placement Testing

  11. Facilities Management and Maintenance

  12. Matching programs

  13. Tuition and Fees


Have an issue you would like to be considered for Legislative Action?  Download the Legislative Issue Request Form.


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